Bi Rod expects good news for Jamie Vardy comeback before the end of the season.

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Leicester striker Jamie Vardy will undergo his final injection next week. Which the club hopes to get him back on the field before the end of the football season.

The striker has only made two appearances in 2022 and is currently recovering from a knee problem. Which made him unable to play the ball normally.

The Foxes face Crystal Palace on Sunday and Brendan Rodgers confirmed: “Jamie Vardy will not be back. He will receive his last injection on Tuesday. And we will see the reaction that takes place.”

“He is already able to get a lot of fitness. UFABET But he wasn’t ready to kick the ball. We hope to receive good news next week.”

Earlier, Vardy the 35 year-old suffered a hamstring injury in the 1-0 win over Liverpool in late December.

He came off the bench to score in the 1-0 win over Burnley on March 1. But was injured again four days later in the 1-0 win over Leeds United.

For Vardy is said to be the greatest player in the club’s history. And is under contract until the end of next season.

Jamie Vardy first started playing for Sheffield Wednesday youth club in 2002 and moved to Stocksbridge Park Steels in 2003-2007 before playing in the United Kingdom. First team since 2007, then moved to Halifax in 2010 and moved to Fleetwood Town before Leicester City bought the team in 2012 until now and is a key player in the team. By being in the kit that Leicester won the English Premier League.