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4 Thai spices Helps reduce cholesterol

High blood cholesterol is caused by 2 main causes: genetics. and from eating foods that are high in fat and not exercising This will result in high cholesterol in the blood. It has high triglycerides and low HDL levels. When this happens, it often causes blockages in the arteries. and results

Coffee drink the more they become sleepy

Most people know that drinking coffee helps them feel more energized. and relieves drowsiness and drowsiness (Even if you’re not a coffee drinker) many people are addicted to drinking coffee to help relieve fatigue and sleepiness. But some people argue stubbornly. That drinking coffee doesn’t seem to help anything. Drinking

Is processed food really a health threat?

Many researchers believe that Eating too much processed food can lead to poor nutrition and a higher risk of obesity. Especially ready-to-eat processed foods that can be consumed quickly and conveniently. The researchers divided processed foods into 4 types as follows: Highly processed foods. This type of food provides 63 percent

Using a small Teflon pan for cooking

Using a small Teflon pan for cooking, care and cleaning. For singles, being alone, a small Teflon pan or any other non-coated pan. It is a convenient pan for Cooking fried foods, omelets, fried eggs, fried meat or grilled dishes can be done. But when using it, be careful not

5 amazing benefits from chili peppers

5 amazing benefits from chili peppers Chili doesn’t just make food taste more delicious. But it also has many health benefits. 1. Reduce pain: because when eating chili peppers ยูฟ่าเบท The body will secrete substances of happiness. or endorphins come out Thus helping to relieve