Dyche warns Everton of serious damage if relegated.

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Everton boss Sean Dyche has warned the club. That relegation will cost more than just the football club. But also the people around.

Everton who have won their only away game this season are set to visit Brighton on Monday night. The team currently have 29 points from 34 games and sit 19th in the table behind Leeds in safety. 1 point with Dyche urging the team that relegation would be devastating.

“The next four games will not only affect people’s futures. But it also affects the lives and well-being of people that is football. That’s the challenge. It’s right in front of you.” Dyche said.

“Motivation doesn’t help win games. It’s performance that wins the game. Motivation boosts efficiency. We have shown enough that we can win games. It was put together at just the right time.”

“The key moments of the game Things the team still has to do Otherwise. You just put a plaster on it. There is a lot going on behind the scenes but the outcome still matters. it’s like that We have to get the job done.”UFABET

“Overall we have to build the whole club in the right direction. It’s not just ‘Oh, we survived’, that’s not building anything. That’s just survival. We want to grow.”