Tips to reduce smelly feet of those who like to wear sneakers.

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If taking care of our foot health is not good enough. It could be the source of smelly feet. and Hong Kong foot disease without our knowledge

Sneakers are shoes that completely cover your feet. and have thick material not well ventilated It is the reason why it often causes odor easily. Try these tips. May help reduce smelly feet .

Should not wear shoes that are too tight. because of tight shoes will accelerate your feet to produce more sweat Should choose to wear shoes that fit.

Choose to wear socks with good breathability. like cotton socks because it will help ventilate better than nylon fabric UFABET 

Change and wear other shoes. The same pair of shoes should not be worn for more than 2 days throughout the day.

besides shoes Also, don’t wear the same pair of socks on the same day.

clean canvas shoes In addition to washing Should be exposed to the sun to kill some bacteria.

If any day you know that your feet are sweating a lot and rarely take off shoes Returning home, you should hurry to clean your feet. And may soak your feet with water mixed with lemon or black tea to help eliminate bacteria. and unpleasant smell

Avoid applying foot cream between the toes. because it may not absorb dry and humid to cause mold later

If you know that your feet sweat a lot and need to wear sneakers for a long time Maybe prepare socks to change during the day as well.

Do not wear sneakers while your feet are still wet.

Do not wear shoes or socks with other people.