Rangnick confirm Ronaldo.

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Ralph Rangnick acting manager of Manchester United. Revealed good news in a press conference before meeting Everton (9 April) that Cristiano Ronaldo, the hopeful striker. revive with a knock on the door. Although there are many others. As for the current Eric Ten Hag pointing to take the position of him, there is a foundation.

Ronaldo’s battle for the Portuguese national team resulted in missing the 1-1 match against Leicester last week. But has now appeared in the gym to practice UFABET .  

But the cases of Luke Shaw ( leg bone ), Edinson Cavani ( calf ), Raphael Varane ( muscle ), Jesse Lingard ( illness ) and Scott Max . Kotominay ( feet ) is still bad.  

 Rangnick open his mouth.

” Cristiano is back again , Luke is young. “

“ We switched him off at half-time first. It was a leg problem that he had broken until he underwent surgery in 2015.”

“ Yes, the doctor advised the judge to remove the thin metal plate from his leg. There are still two rivets that need to be removed – the process will take place on Saturday. That means missing a few more weeks . ” 

” Cavani is injured , Rafa Varane too, he will miss tomorrow. 

” It’s true, like Scott McTominay, he has a plantar problem – so four of his legs are gone. ”  

As for the issue of Ten Hak Tengja , manager of the new team. Rangnick hinted that he came for a real job interview.

” I think we will hold a press conference to talk about tomorrow’s game – I have no intention of discussing the possibility of a new manager here . ” 

“ As soon as I know the manager , all the teams at the club are all elite. Be the first number in the industry “

“ If it includes Erik ten Hag , there really is him – at this point that’s all that can be said. ”

Asian Handicap Man Utd per halves -5, total score over – under two and a half -10