Mohamed Salah says this is not the time to answer contracts

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Liverpool star Mohamed Salah has refused to discuss his contract dispute with the club. Before the big game against Manchester City on Sunday.

Mohamed Salah and Liverpool still have no progress in talks over wages and the duration of the new contract.

He said that there was a lot that people didn’t know in this situation. And he has gone many times to what is needed from the New Deal.

However, Salah who scored against Manchester City in October last year. He said UFABET it would be selfish to discuss such a situation now that the club is entering its most critical period.

He told Sky Sports: “To be honest, what I can say is that there is a lot that people don’t know about. (Contract situation)”

“Now I can’t be selfish. and talk about my situation We are in the most important moment of the team.”

“So I have to talk about the team. and focus on what will happen to the team That’s the most important thing.”

“That’s what I can say. Hopefully we can go in a better direction. And let’s see what happens.”

When asked how confident Salah was in reaching an agreement between him and the club. He replied: “I can say yes. and can also say no I’ve spoken many times before about what I want. but again I can’t go into the depths of my contract right now.”

“It’s a very sensitive situation. team must win And I can’t make myself into the news. and talk about my contract now. I just focus on the team. It’s just that.”