Liverpool manager does not believe the statistics of the Premier League champions decide this week.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp does not want statistics from any office to determine whether the winner of Sunday’s game. (10 April) to visit Manchester City will be able to extend the Premier League title. England in the end because they still have seven matches left to hunt for 21 points.

Situation on this schedule both teams have played 30 matches equally, City are top of the crowd one point more than the ‘ Reds ‘ but are under goals – five conceded. So the direct measure of both camps at the Etihad Stadium. Has a round – trip effect of 6 points for the winning UFABET team .   

That makes the statistical office ‘ Nielson Grand Note ‘ trending to inform the chances of winning both teams enough to see that if Josep Guardiola leads the army to grab 3 points. They have a chance to be champions in In the end , 86% left the remaining 14% possibility for ‘ Reds ‘ to use to create a miracle.  

In the event of a draw.

 City still have a 63% better chance of winning the title , while Liverpool 37%.

But if Klopp’s side steal three points from the Etihad Stadium, their chances of winning the league rise to 68 per cent , with City down 32 per cent. 

However ,Liverpool manager disagrees, saying that the rest of the queue is meaningful and brutal for both teams. So don’t be so quick to decide on the championship just matchday #31 

“ I would not be able to judge right or wrong on what other people think. But we can only go beyond the outcome of the match : if we win, there will be more than two points , ” he said at a press conference.  

“ If everyone thinks like that then pick the scene for this league. I can’t help it. ”

” But if we lose then we’re four points behind – if someone says it’s over then they can’t change their mind – but I don’t think any City personnel believe it’s over. ” 

” If a draw is still 1 point behind , that’s all. “

“ Let’s just say it’s an important game, I ‘m looking forward to it, one of the biggest challenges you can face in football –  but it’s cool. since we were born for this. ” 

“ Imagine being 14-15 points behind it would be a good game. Just missing something important – reducing the meaning Something like that. ”

“ So it’s good that the whole season is doing well until there is a chance here. Then I’m happy to be involved. I imagine a lot of people would wait and see the game. And we will do our best – that’s what I want to say. ”  

Asian Handicap for Man City at half goal -5, over – under total score, two-half and triple -10.