Juve according to Marcos Alonso the back of Chelsea.

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Chelsea left-back Marcos Alonso is considering his future again in the summer of 2022. With interest from both La Liga and Italian Serie A Juventus.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport. Juve head coach Massimiliano Allegri is unhappy with the choice at left-back. I want someone better than Alex Sandro .  

Therefore, Alonso ‘s name is shortlisted as a top choice UFABET given his situation. At Stamford Bridge should Ben Chilwell return to fitness in the Spaniards. Nich has to reduce his role as a backup as before.

Combine with the contract remain at the end of the 2022-23 season. The Bianconeri believe they can grab Alonso for a reasonable price of no more than 15 million euros ( about £ 12.5 million ) and use it immediately.  

Looking in the corner of ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ the fight forced to release 1 left-back for sure. Choose between Alonso and Emerson Palmieri, who was loan to Olympique Lyonnais. So believed that if sold The 31 -year -old left-back is rate as profitable. Executives at Stamford Bridge will definitely approve .

Marcos Alonso has played 35 games in all competitions this season, scoring 2 goals , producing 4 assists.

Marcos Alonso started.

As a footballer at youth level at Real Madrid in 1999-2008. Playing for the club for 8 years, later stepped up to join the club as a professional footballer for the first time in 2008-2010 with Real Madrid team, is the top club in the top Spanish league.   By playing more than 39 times, moved the team from 2010-2013 to join the football team. Bolton Wanderers Is a club in the English league   , playing more than 35 times after moving to football in the Italian league. is the highest league is Serie A By playing for the team Fiorentina   for 3 years, playing for the team more than 58 times   and during that time moved to play in the English league again. which this time is a team Sunderland by being a loan player for a period of 1 year  Have played with the team more than 7 times in 2016, playing in the Premier League again From his career with top clubs such as Chelsea, playing for the team more than 66 times, playing style with strong speed and ready to tackle. And it helps the game to be able to drive well.