Using a small Teflon pan for cooking

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Using a small Teflon pan for cooking, care and cleaning. For singles, being alone, a small Teflon pan or any other non-coated pan. It is a convenient pan for Cooking fried foods, omelets, fried eggs, fried meat or grilled dishes can be done. But when using it, be careful not to use a metal spatula with a pan like this. Also, washing is the same.

For single people, living alone, finding a small Teflon pan to use for cooking, which has many designs, sizes, and different features, finding it for use, cooking, and taking care of things you should know at สมัคร ufabet , for example:

pan size

for the size of the pan If you haven’t tried it yet. It’s hard to know what size is right. For quick and easy cooking for one person to eat, we recommend various coating pans, sizes 16 – 18 cm. Enough for making about 3-4 omelettes. From the picture, it’s a 16 cm pan for making omelette number 0 3 eggs. Quick menu. Eat with. steamed rice

Food menu suitable for a small frying pan

A small Teflon pan like this is suitable for cooking, frying, grilling, eating alone, will be used in the house, outside the place, traveling, camping, it is convenient to use, wash and do not need to put the cooked food on the plate. Can be used instead of plates and bowls.

oil used for frying

The health benefits of using a pan like this. It doesn’t need to use strong power. but can dissipate heat thoroughly saves fuel So so is good health Therefore, you should choose good oils to use for stir-frying instead of using vegetable oils such as coconut oil, white bran oil, which has good properties. It is harmless to health. To make a fried egg omelette, use about half a spoonful of oil per 1 egg. For single people, do the symptoms by yourself.

Using fire while cooking

Because this type of pan will conduct heat and distribute heat well. The food is not easily cooked. The use of that fire is therefore prohibited from using strong fire. no more than medium fire For example, the author uses a can gas stove to open the gas less than medium, use a light flame, the food is already cooked. save gas save fuel Suitable for dormitory dwellers, expensive electricity bills, or carry in the car. In case of traveling, camping, there are tools to easily cook and eat by yourself in the car.

How to clean various coated pans

coated pans Cleaning after finishing cooking Suggest a simple method as follows.

1. Leave the pan until cool and then clean it
. Does not damage the coated surface The sponge must be prepared in many sizes, small size may be divided into 3 parts of the size of the sponge in the picture. To wash a small pan like this, use a small sponge. Easy to clean, not wasting water, wasting detergent
3 When cleaning the pan, start from the part that is not exposed to oil first, such as the handle outside the pan, then clean the inside that has oil, spatula or other containers that have oil stains. May have to wash several times. until the oil stain is gone If cleaning the inside of the pan first and then wiping the outside Often causes oil stains to stick to the exterior, handles or other containers as well, this time it will be more difficult to clean.