5 things to know to stay away from toxic dust PM2.5

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5 things to know to stay away from toxic dust PM2.5

If talking about the problem of air pollution Many people must think about the problem of PM2.5 dust, Which is considered a problem that must face often. And it is a problem that affects many dimensions, one of which is health effects.

PM2.5 is dust particles that are no more than 2.5 microns in size, or about 1/25th the size of a human hair, invisible to the naked eye. Can float in the air for a long time There may be toxins attached. making it more dangerous to health Let’s see

What methods there are to help stay away from PM2.5 dust.

1. If you are in an area with a lot of traffic. https://ufabet999.app or in areas with dust and smoke from factories Let us wear masks to properly protect our respiratory system.

2. Regularly update and monitor weather quality index values ​​in the area. Where we live and in the area. What I am doing is traveling in order to prepare and prepare myself to protect myself from pollution.

3. As for groups who are sick or have congenital diseases such as respiratory disease, lung disease, heart disease, including skin allergies. If you are one of these people. The more you have to be careful and take care of yourself to protect yourself as much as possible. Avoid inhaling dust and smoke into the body. Because it may cause the disease to relapse and be life-threatening.

4. If we have to live in toxic air like this. The need to change behavior It is of the utmost importance. That we all should wear masks and carry equipment to help protect us from dust. Always be mindful that in our daily lives we should be protected from the risks of adverse weather conditions.

5. Reduce, stop burning incense sticks and worship sacred things. Because incense smoke is one of the main causes. that causes dust and smoke conditions. Which is the main factor causing the current PM 2.5 condition.